Proyash is moving toward the goal to obtain the first row seat in private sector drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation parallel to government. Our vision is to design and implement affordable treatment plan for different income groups with  specific focus on sustainability.


Addiction comes in many different forms. Just a few of the most common types of addiction that we treat here at Proyash include alcohol addiction, opioids addiction, prescription drugs addiction, amphetamine addiction, and marijuana addiction, amongst many others. Our carefully curated staff of addiction treatment professionals will provide the support required by a client and their family members during this difficult time.


When it comes to successfully treating addiction, each case will require a unique approach. Proyash is dedicated to locating the right treatment solutions for each client who walks through our front door. This is why we conduct a comprehensive assessment of each individual who arrives on our campus, including their family members. The assessments of family members and the individual are conducted separately to ensure that each party is able to speak openly and honestly, without restraint.


Proyash is working very hard in last 17 years in its area of operation to become a trusted partner in the problem of addiction .treatment and successful recovery. Proyash always play its role ahed of others in building positive beliefs regarding addiction & treatment within community.