Proyash is committed to caring for the health and well being of its clients, affiliates, members and strategic partners. We have taken a number of steps to secure our premises as well as all stakeholders since the very beginning phase of COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

Proyash” Statement on COVID-19

• We had stopped admission procedure for 03 consecutive months since April-2020 as per the guideline of local regulator.
• We secure the stay of existing clients following rules & guidelines provided by Department of Health, Bangladesh and maintaining the advice of our consultants.
• We restrict the unnecessary entry and exit of all people around our premise including regular staff and volunteers.
• We cancel routine leave of our officials.
• We arrange doctors visit in virtual platform.
• We provide adequate protection for employees who go outside for urgent purpose with PPE.
• We arrange number of hand sanitizing station throughout the center.
• Thermal scanner is placed in main entry and in principal treatment facility.
• Arrangements for spraying disinfectants throughout the building and within 20 yards around the building were made on daily basis.
• We added extra nutritious items in the weekly food menu of patients to improve overall immune system.
• We ensure patient visits though video calls, ensure communication of patients with their family through regular phone calls and in few cases through CC TV camera where urgent.
• We ensure minimum salary for our employees during COVID-19 economic recession.

Working through COVID-19

January, 2021
• We made available limited arrangement for new patients subject to COVID-19 negative test report.
• Where report not available, we arrange special withdrawal management unit where we keep potential patients for close monitoring and final decision of treatment is based on 14 days symptom monitoring results.
• Our rescue teams are supported with personal protection equipments (PPE) and digital mobile thermal scanners along with other protection materials.
• We ensure face musk for everybody inside the premise.
• We target limited number of admission to ensure social distance.

Responsibility toward society during COVID-19
We have arranged a small voluntary fund from our members and associates and distribute a 10 kg pack consist of daily necessary items (mainly food & grains) among 100 families within our nearest reach who somehow lose job and  become helpless due to the lock down during COVID-19