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    Admission Terms and Conditions

    1. The patient will be admitted in a residential condition for a minimum of three months.
    2. There will be no opportunity to meet and talk with the patient for 45 days after admission.
    3. Compulsory attendance in motivational classes, sessions and occupational therapy while undergoing treatment.
    4. At the time of admission, the patient’s body can be searched to make sure that he has no drugs with him.
    5. For admission, the guardian of the patient has to appear at the center and apply.
    6. Within 3 months of admission, the patient cannot be taken out of the center for any family, social or religious reasons.
    7. Authorities will not be liable in any way if any patient escapes / gets injured / dies while undergoing treatment.
    8. Violations of the center’s discipline, security threats, misbehavior or indecent treatment of other patients can be dealt with in accordance with the centre’s conventional rules.
    9. Half of the total amount has to be paid at the time of admission and the other half within 45 days.
    10. The cost of any additional treatment other than the patient’s drug-related treatment will be borne separately by the patient’s guardian. These costs will not be included in the contract.
    11. If any property of the center is damaged by the patient, the guardian of the patient will be obliged to compensate that loss.
    12. If the patient won’t collect their accessories, clothes, etc. within 7 days of the discharge from the center, the authorities will not be responsible for it.
    13. If the patient’s guardian wants to extend the contract, they must apply for the renewal of the contract 15 days before the end of the contract.
    14. After expiration contract, patient have to pay taka 500/- daily.  If it will be more than 7 days, patient have to pay for the whole month charge.
    15. For rescue from a place other than the patient’s place of residence, the guardian has to show the proof of knowledge of the concerned police station.
    16. If the patient is married, his wife must be present at the time of admission.
    17. Since drug addiction is a critical problem, the patient’s family must attend regular family meetings and keep in touch with the center up to 2 years after admission.